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Here are all our courses.

Just Getting Started!

Here are our courses that help you get started the right way!

Forget Your Fears


Ever felt like your fears where the only thing holding you back from really playing full out in your life? 

Well this is the perfect course to start learning how to eliminate your fears! 

We begin by training your mind to manage itself and then we dive right into the juicy stuff. We have guided sessions around the fear of public speaking, your relationship with money, and the fear of failure.


MAP On The Go


Have you ever wondered how to avoid letting negative reactions affect your daily life? 

Then the map on the go course where we teach you how to use map on your own is exactly what you need! 

Check it out here



These courses clean up your money mindset with not just a broom but with a pressure washer! check them out below.

The Money Shift


Do you have trouble manifesting money? The money shift is designed to help people take control over their financial destiny. 

We believe that when it comes to making more money your internal world of your mind NEEDS to be addressed so that your actions can be fruitful. 

We first get your mind trained in the map method and then we dive deep into the psychology of money with some guided MAP sessions from Colette herself.


Magnetizing Millions


After all is said and done we understand that what we choose and what we believe is the main factor that we can control and design the life we desire. 

In the magnetizing millions course Colette will go deep dive with you into the psychology of money and how to manifest more of it! this is not an intro this is a full out university course that will cover all the details that need to be proficient in attracting more of your financial dreams.

We believe to truly get results there needs to be action so in magnetizing millions there are practical skills that will be taught for you to master that dramatically increase your ability to use the law of attraction in your life. 



Whether you are a life coach, a peak performance coach, a therapist, a health practitioner, or even a doctor! We have a little something for you that can blow you socks off!

MAP Certification Training


Ever wondered how to improve your results with your clients? 

Have you been searching far and wide on the internet for a method or a coaching course that will give you the results with your clients that you have always dreamed of? 

This training is THE training for coaches and professionals that value service and want to stand out from the crowd. in this 6 month training we provide everything you need, the skills the practice and the knowledge to master the MAP Coaching System and  dramatically improve the results you get with your clients and the confidence in your practice will skyrocket! 


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Create Your Fabulous New Future!

Ready to take your life to the next level?
Join over 1,000 others who have experienced our method and get access to our 
free library!

With money boosting meditations, fear eliminating MAP sessions, and mind blowing resources for high performers!

We hate SPAM and promise to keep your name and email address safe!