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Hosted by Valentin Streicher, the master coach with over 6 years of experience and dozens of different methods learned.









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To Magically Turn Negative Emotions Into Positive Ones With Lightning Speed! ⚡⚡

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Our method (MAP) Works With A REAL LIVE EXAMPLE. 😲

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🔥 To Provide Crazy Results For Your Clients And Yourself With This One Strategy.

"After exploring many modalities and practices that I incorporated into my work over the years I finally found something that fits perfectly for me and my clients."

Vicki Sherman, Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach


Why are we doing this demo?

Imagine having this unbreakable confidence that YOU ARE THE BEST in your field of specialty, you walk into your office with your head up, feeling relaxed, happy and in the zone ready to kick some butt and get people to breakthrough to the next level. 

At the map coaching institute we are providing this demo to help experienced coaches provide a jaw dropping service to their clients so that they can feel fully confident in growing their business how they want to.


Why are we qualified?

After 50++ years of clinical work, life coaching and energy psychology sessions a coach, a trauma therapist, and a social worker have discovered and evolved this breakthrough in how we deal with our deep emotional traumas and patterns that never seem to go away. 

What is this demo thing exactly?

This demo is a small intimate setting online where you not only get to learn the secret of why our method works but you get to see it work or may i say for the brave... experience it for yourself! 

We will cover: 

  1. The history and why MAP works. 
  2. A real example of clearing a real fear or phobia within minutes. 
  3. How to use this method for your own personal success and the success for your clients!

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