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Meet the founders: Colette & Val

Colette and Val's passion for personal development and cutting-edge techniques allowed them to create the breakthrough MAP system (Manifesting All Possibilities®). Colette, after 20 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy, made the conscious decision to change the game of mindfulness and find the fastest, easiest, and most powerful tool to quickly shift people. After some challenging life-experiences, Val decided to join Colette’s team and create a tool that would truly make a difference in people’s life.

The MAP system is already being used by thousands of entrepreneurs, CEO’s, coaches, and high performers around the world. Also, unique programs were creating to respond to the demand of high achieving individuals such as: Magnetizing Millions, Momentum Club Mastermind, The MAP Certification Program, MAP On The Go… Now, the MAP system is on it’s way to become
the #1 tool for effective personal development.

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"Instead of feeling stuck, now I am so confident, [...] I’m just flat out more productive. And that’s what happens when you rewire your brain. I'm literally not the same person I was, I just don’t think the same way than I used to think before and that has made all the difference in my life and business."

Dee Robertson
Spiritual Coach

"People have been asking me questions like: How are you so energetic, and vibrant and just have so much energy all day every day? And it’s a tough question to answer without telling about MAP and how it helps me stay on track."

Cherie Aimée
Speaker and Business Owner

"Once I experienced their 3-day retreat, I have literally been given a magic wand! I can literally delete any negative emotions instantly. This is what the MAP Coaching Institute (Colette) empowers you with. The gift of MAP is with you forever, you can't un-ring that bell! There isn't any money in the world that I could remunerate for the incredible tools and techniques MAP has given me."

Lilian Walker
Radio Show Host

"When I first started with MAP our product was in one store in Austin, within 5 months it was the number one product sold in its category in Wholefoods and then Brain Juice is now distributed in the South of the US. 8 months later I am getting financing to spread its distribution around the US. I love that I can use MAP myself, I am using it every day to keep myself focused and in a resourceful state."

Sam Elick
CEO of Brain Juice

"MAP WORKS in absolutely everything. It’s the most powerful healing tool I’ve ever experienced!"

Anina Radoyce
Celebrity Chef

"II feel so Blessed, appreciative, and grateful for the ongoing support and integrative work with MAP, that has helped me get to the place where my emotional level is mostly "self sustaining".  This is awesome!  Thank you! "

Cathrine Noel
Nutritionist, Business Owner

"It’s been two years since we worked together, and we worked on anger and since our sessions the anger never came back. That was huge deep anger and rage was cleared all away, the anger is gone and it never came back."

Emotional Wellness Coach

"MAP has worked better than I had anticipated, because I had tried dozens of different techniques and teachings. And MAP on the go was icing on the cake, and it set me up to continue with the process so I could build with it and turn it into a lifestyle. The shifts were different, between 3 mins, an hour or with in the middle of the night I would wake up with insights. Which that was cool because I knew I was working on a much deeper level."

Vicky Sherman
Therapist and Women's Wellness Coach

"MAP has given me the tools for when I am in emotionally challenging situations to deal with them better. Instead of breaking down or overloading MAP has given me the ability to process things better. "

Rolfing Massage Therapist

"The MAP Technique broadens what you thought was possible in treating and working with yourself. And it will also provide you an awesome tool that you can simple take and run with and incorporate it into what you are already doing in life. I hope you take the time to take the class and experience what MAP is all about. "


"MAP is quick, it’s easy, it addresses things at a deeper level, and it painless. I would also use MAP Sessions for deeper stuff and when someone have more time."

Women Empowerment Coach

Discover the surprising yet simple theory behind MAP. 


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Featured Programs

Abundance on Demand - Companion Video Course

Make A Huge Difference In Your Abundance Mentality. 

This video course is meant to complement the book Abundance on Demand, and provide extra exercises and techniques that will help you clear some of your unconscious financial blocks and attract more abundance in your life.


MAP On The Go (Self-Help version )

Master your emotions anytime, anywhere.

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you could easily get rid of your fears and stress? Well, you're at the right place! Click below to learn more about how to easily change your life for the better.


The MAP Certification Program

Get the results you REALLY want in your coaching practice. 

Are you looking for that one secret that will make your coaching practice unbeatable? 

Learn how to provide so much value that your clients keep coming back for more! With the most leading edge method in the field of psychology we will teach you from A to Z, how to provide incredible service to your clients as a coach.


Featured Books

Abundance On Demand

5 Easy Steps To Master The Inner Game Of money

You may have been wondering for years what has been blocking you from making the quantum leap in your dream business, or realizing the life of freedom and fulfillment you are really after. There is a good chance that you are not lazy or unlucky. The culprit may be your blueprint. If your blueprint is preparing all your decisions, and decisions are at the core of success, then it is logical to assume that your blueprint about money, success, and abundance, has been sabotaging the fulfilment of your dream. Click below to learn more about manifesting abundance in your life.



How To Manifest Miracles With Your Mind

This book reveals a step-by-step process to create whatever you want in life. Colette Streicher is giving you all the secrets she has found through her 20 years of experience. Click below to get your copy today.


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Create Your Fabulous New Future!

Ready to take your life to the next level?
Join over 1,000 others who have experienced our method and get access to our
free library!

With money boosting meditations, fear eliminating MAP sessions, and mind blowing resources for high performers!

We hate SPAM and promise to keep your name and email address safe!