MAP Session - Ursula's desire to have more balanced business and personal life

MAP Session - Ursula's desire to have more balanced business and personal life

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A balance is key to every successful day. We know that life is happening and that sometimes is hard to find a balance between a business and a personal life. You want to work on what you love and grow your business. But on the other side, you want to be the best mom on the planet. You want to be there for your kids and keep those loving moments with them. So when you don't have a balance you usually blame your self or you feel like you are stuck. You want to do so much but you are feeling like there is not enough time during the day. How can you find that balance?

Ursula had a really hard time to have a balanced life. She was enjoying her work but she wanted to spend more time with her kids. During the session that you are about to watch, Colette helped her out to go even deeper. Only to discover what does she truly, truly wants. And what we truly want is a life question and finding an answer is the balanced life that we ever wanted!

If you would like to experience a MAP Session with one of our best coaches all you have to do is click on the link from and schedule a session from the comfort of your home!

With four sessions per package, MAP sessions can help you overcome emotional issues, old habits, and sticky patterns.

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