MAP Session - Leona´s fear of flying

map demo session

The MAP System was developed to help people recognize the power they hold within, to quickly and effectively change their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This is one of the examples how can MAP help you in your daily life and get rid of old beliefs that don't serve us


For over 20 years Leona had a fear of flying with an airplane. Even when she would think about planes or flying she would start to shake, to have sweaty palms and she would feel really shaken. During the process, MAP, that Colette was using, you can see how everything is changing for Leona. Colette even found the original event that happened and that was a cause of everything that Leona was feeling when it comes to plains and flying.

In this MAP Session, you will see what is happening during a MAP Process and a relief that Leona experienced!


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With four sessions per package, MAP sessions can help you overcome emotional issues, old habits, and sticky patterns.

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