MAP Session - Patti's Money and Success Blocks

MAP Session - Patti's Money and Success Blocks


Remember when you were a kid and you had some idea what would you like to be when you grow up? Maybe you wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer or you wanted to write a book. When we are kids everything around us shape us. We are learning from our environment, friends, and family. They define most of the personality that we have today. 

Did you ever wonder what happens when your dreams are not supported by your parents? What happens to a young mind when they cut your wings? Do you settle for less because someone told you that our dream job is not something that you can do when you grow up? Maybe you were told that a dream is not going to pay bills and rent.
Do we stop dreaming because our parents wanted to protect us from a painful fall? They teach us the same thing what they learned when they were kids.

Patti is an amazing lady that really loves her job. She does the trading for a living but she was struggling with it more often that she was enjoying it. She wanted to be successful in what she does but she couldn't break the pattern of her money blocks. 

So what happens when you realize that for most of your life your mind was playing the same story that your parents told you?
Find out the answer in the following minutes where Patti goes back to her childhood to find out what was the cause of her struggle. 

If you would like to experience a MAP Session with one of our best coaches all you have to do is click on the link from and schedule a session from the comfort of your home!

With four sessions per package, MAP sessions can help you overcome emotional issues, old habits, and sticky patterns.

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